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So, now what do I do?

Evaluate your situation and honestly answer this question..."Why did I end up on Probation?" This is no time to place blame or fault, the damage is done. Try to determine the reason for your grade problems and then you can plan to raise your GPA during the next semester. That is the only way to get off Probation and avoid being dropped. An honest answer to that question usually points out a problem.

What should I bring to the meeting?

You want to have your Sac State ID available or memorized.  A copy of your transcripts from all institutions you have attended. Sometimes counselors may not have access to your transcripts on your "MySacState" portal.  Your catalog (if available) or the suggested classes from your department.  Your calendar or schedule in case there is a need for a follow up meeting

How do I get started with getting off probation?

Learn the Specifics of Your Probation! Just like schools can have different definitions of academic probation, students can have different terms for their academic probation. Read the fine print of your warning letter and make sure you understand everything that's in there. How do you need to change your academic standing? To what? By when? What happens if you don't do so -will you need to leave the college? Leave just the residence hall? Not be eligible for financial aid?

How do I know who my counselor is?

You are assigned to counselors by your major. The EOP front desk staff can also assist you with this. You can also look at the counselor caseload to get an idea of how the counseling is broken down!

What will happen if I don't come in for a meeting?

In order to ensure your receipt of academic support, EOP mandates you to come in for advising, or a registration hold will be placed on your record. You will be not able to register for classes with this hold unless you come in for advising by April 12th, 2013.  Please be aware that registration begins on April 30th, 2013 for the fall semester. To avoid having your registration blocked, you must meet the deadline underscored above to prevent delays in acquiring your classes.

Does Probation mean I'm kicked out of school and can't come next semester?

NO! It is a WARNING that you might be if you don't improve your grades this next semester. It is a means to encourage you to consider your academic standing more seriously

I received a letter from EOP because I am on probation? What should I do?

Call the EOP Office at 916-278-6183 or stop by Lassen Hall 2205 to set up a meeting with a counselor. These are by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Your student ID with you or memorized.  Be prepared to meet with an advisor for at least 45 minutes to develop a plan

HOLD IT!! D is a passing grade. How can I go on Probation if I didn't flunk anything?

Remember, Probation is a WARNING! There is a big difference between a D and an F. If you received a D, you received a passing grade and that may be all you need. However, a course with an F means you have failed it and probably will have to repeat it.

Can I receive my degree if I go on Probation my last semester?

Yes. There are a few guidelines. You must have an overall GPA of 2.0 for a degree. If you do not have this as an overall GPA you may not graduate even if you have all courses completed and other requirements met.

I only took ONE little course?!? How can I go on Probation? I'm not even a full-time student.

Sac State makes no distinction between full- or part-time status for Probation. If your grades fall below the requirement, you are placed on Probation. For many students taking just "one little course," and receiving a D or F will do it.

What are the "stages" or potential academic pitfalls for students whom are on probation

I only took ONE little course?!? How can I go on Probation? I'm not even a full-time student.

Sac State makes no distinction between full-or part-time status for Probation. If your grades fall below the requirement, you are placed on Probation. For many students taking just "one little course," and receiving a D or F will do it.

What if I did not make grades FA 2010?

The University will review your academic progress at the end of the Spring semester and enforce the appropriate academic action at that time.  However, there are a number of conditions which, if met, will result in your ability to continue enrollment.

Can I transfer while I am on Probation?

You can attend community college whether you are on probation or not. However, you will not be able to transfer to another CSU until you are in good standing.

I really don't belong on Probation, you see. I quit going to class and the computer gave me an F anyway

First of all, dropping a course is a formal procedure requiring withdrawal request. Just because you stopped going to class does NOT mean you dropped the course. You were still officially enrolled, and since you were not dropped, the F is a very real grade on your record. Secondly, computers CAN’T give grades. These are given by the instructors of the class

What if I was DQ before FA 2010 and denied for Spring 2011?

Student has been denied and recommended to the community. Encourage student to meet with EOP counselor and apply for class at the community college.  Students may be able to apply for Fall 2011. They would need to go to the Academic Advising home page between March 1st thru May 1st to see if information regarding reinstatement have been posted.  NOTE: they need to make sure that they distinguish between the "Disqualification Process" and the "Dismissed Process"... Some students have gotten them confused and missed deadlines.

I don't think the instructor gave me the right grade. Now I'm on Probation. What do I do? Can I appeal a grade?

In either case, contact the instructor. There is a procedure for an instructor to follow to change a grade. There is also a procedure for students to follow if they want to appeal a grade. For information on grade appeals, read the Student Handbook and contact your department

If this is my situation, NOW what do I do?

Contact the registration office as soon as possible. Then choose classes that will help you raise your GPA. Usually this means repeating a class

If I'm in a closed program, like Nursing, will I be removed from the program if I'm on Probation?

Contact the office of your major immediately! It is possible to be dropped from a program but remain in the University on Probation. Nursing, Education, Business, Engineering, and Management are programs with certain grade and course requirements. There are others

Will my advisor or instructors be told I'm on Probation?

Yes, your academic advisor should be made aware by your department, however instructors will not be notified. Your advisor needs to know how you are doing to give you the best possible academic advice. Instructors won't know unless you tell them, and that's up to you. EOP will closely monitor your progress as you continue your tenure at Sacramento State

How close am I to being disqualified or dismissed?

How does Probation affect my financial aid?

How does a P for Pass or NC for No Credit affect my grades?

They don't. A Credit/No Credit course neither helps nor hurts your GPA classification

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